Słowianin Arabians
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The horse was present in our family since generations. From our family stories its known that our members were horse agents selling horses acquired during many trips to Eastern suburbian of Republic of Poland before the I World War. The stories says the horses sometimes were acquired by not a very legal ways.... The stories also says that those horses were of exceptional beauty and were a desire for the market places attandants. Horses played an important role in every day life, work, fun and even the country protection. They were assisting our family members during both Ist and IInd World Wars.


During post war times our family, except of running own farming, still were the agents for horse selling. Especially those horses of high quality and exceptional beauty. They were also used as elegant way of transport during different official occassions when horses in beautiful carriages were an attraction of the events. During the '70-ies while looking for the horses we found our way to Pińczów area and Michałów State Stud to buy an Arabian horse that was our passion but soon we realized that to buy not a mare but even a colt was not possible for Polish private person. We only managed together with my friend to buy two pure bred geldings – Ekrazyt and Kabaret.

But we were not going to give up as the goal was to establish a private Arabian horse breeding farm. Several times we had been visiting Mr Zygmunt Braur about whose breeding we have heard a lot but we didn't manage to close the deal for the mare.

The first pure bred Arabian stallion we managed to acquire those times was FEZARYT (Muharyt-Falbanka) in 1979 from Mr Andrzej Ou, bred by Mr Zygmunt Braur. In 1984 we managed to buy two young mares - MIMOZA (Bukszpan-Miszka) and MIGOTKA (Dambor-Mewa) bred and owned by Mrs Annq Dębska. It was going to be the final start of our breeding but the history decided different. Migotka died without producing any foal due to a fatal accident and Mimoza happened to be unfertile because of the genetic disease.

So many times we have been dreaming about the purchase of Polish Arabian mare during visiting the famous auctions at Janow Podlaski State Stud but at those times the auctions were reserved for the foreign guests only. As late as in 1988 the auction organizer at those times – Animex – allowed us to participate and buy the mare MAGNOLIA (Fason-Maskotka) bred and owned by Białka State Stud. We have been the first Polish private people who purchased Arabian mare at Janów Podlaski auction. In 1990 at the next auction we acquired the mare ALBANIA (Gwarny-Aleksja) bred by Janów Podlaski Stud and owned by Białka State Stud. And we got the memorial trophy from Animex company called „ANIMEX TROPHY TOP BUYER POLISH PRESTIGE JANÓW PODLASKI ‘90 ”.

In 1991 together with a small group of Polish private breeders we established Polish Arabian Horse Private Breeders Society that was to support and gather Polish private breeding, new born after the political and economical changes.

Next mares that joined our breeding were GALICJA (Algomej-Gromada) from Kurozwęki State Stud and DAROWIZNA (Partner-Donna) from Michałów State Stud. But those mares as well as MAGNOLIA and their progeny didn't meet our breeding expectations and have been sold.

In 1994 we bought a very good mare from Michałów State Stud - PLISZKA (Gwarny-Pardwa) with a filly POSTAWA (Endel-Pliszka).

In 1995 the breeding was joined by the mare PASSA (Eukaliptus –Pascha) bred and owned by Michałów State Stud; World Res.Champion Filly 82; Nations Cup Champion Filly 82 , the mare of exceptional beauty with international show successes that have shown the position of Polish Arabian horse in the world scene. Also in the same year thanks to the mare ABISYNIA (Borysław-Albania) our breeding got a great race success. Three years old daughter of ALBANIA was unbeaten in her age group and 5 times won for 5 starts including important stakes (Kuheilan I, Białki, Sambora). Before the 1996 season ABISYNIA was a favourite but the injury during a training excluded her from the most important race. The year 1995 was also a year of organizing the first Junior Spring Show for Private Bred Horses organized by Polish Arabian Horse Private Breeders Society that we took part in and our mare POSTAWA (Endel-Pliszka) bred by Michałów Stud took 2 place in the yearling fillies.


In 1996 our breeding was joined by one more mare from Michałów Stud - ERUDYCJA (Probat-Etola) with filly foal EKLEZIA (Monogramm-Erudycia).

The offspring of ALBANIA, PLISZKA, PASSA, ERUDYCJA established the backgrounds for our breeding programm.
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